PoetryJunky aka Monkey Spillane (mrcoffeebean) wrote,
PoetryJunky aka Monkey Spillane

Charlie Harper signed my t.shirt!

UK Subs were fucking great! i just came home from a Uk Subs, The Vibrators show. I cant belive Charlei Harper is 66! Uk Subs just rocked live! they have been doing it for 30 years and still looks like they have fun and had so much energy. those of you who werent there missed something! Vibrators were a bit tired though... half the bands been going on since 1976... i can understand if there tired... but they were good. great show. it gav ee the eneregy buzz i realy needed. i feel great. and i didnt get drunk... didnt find my freinds, run into other people i know, i knew i would.
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