PoetryJunky aka Monkey Spillane (mrcoffeebean) wrote,
PoetryJunky aka Monkey Spillane

Still works!

cool. i can still get into this livejournal thing. have to start using it again, just to be able to epty my brain... And to get in touch with Holly of course... Got a headache, curing it with coffee and Black Metal. always good to have Satan n youre side... Loud music always seems to help e get rid of headaches, needs to be alot of noise and stuff, if its to nice it doesnt work. I guess the headaches stress related (havent been writing in english for awile.. takes a bit longer to put stuff here...need to practice) Feels like someone been hiting me in the face with a baseball bat. dont think anyone have been doing that but... more coffee.
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